How to be found on the internet when no one is looking for you

Dr. Steve Stork
Mediator, Certified Hypnotherapist & Certificate in Medical Meditation and Stress Management
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Dr. Steve Stork spent 15 years as a university professor teaching others how to teach. He emphasized quality communication and strove toward a positive learning environment, while writing extensively about these themes as senior editor of a professional journal.

Dr. Stork’s humanistic approach to education; along with his competence as a Certified Health Education Specialist, and experience as writer and editor; make him a unique asset to iHealth Hypnotherapy School. His special skills in dealing with children are invaluable to hypnotherapy. No matter a client’s age, the emotional platform for change is most prominent when they are regressed to childhood.

Dr. Stork’s writing skills enrich the iHHS literature and his teaching expertise helps iHHS students become more effective hypnotherapists. Further, he is evidence that one can maintain saintly patience and a compassionate sense of humor even after many years of teaching children thru adults. Learning with Dr. Stork is not only fun, you get a lot done without realizing the effort.

As Director of Technical Support for iHealth Center, Dr. Stork has expertise in website development, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO); as well as other aspects of office technology. He has helped new hypnotherapists create their internet presence, including recording and editing YouTube videos for new websites.