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Eugen Popa
International Trainer And Speaker
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Hi, I’m Eugen Popa and from a very early age, I have been interested in the workings of the mind and heart. This lead me to study all I could get my hands on in an environment where information was extremely limited.

There is a constant in my life: all the time curious about the latest discoveries, studies and research in the fields of psychology, neurology, communication, hypnosis, and this help me grow and evolve both personally as well as professionally.

I wanted to learn from the top professionals in every field and that meant searching for the best teachers and best courses around the world. My studies span from Harvard Psychology classes to Hypnosis and NLP courses, to Yoga Retreats and more.

My first hypnosis course was with late Gerald Kein of Omni Hypnosis and then continued with Ron Eslinger, Gordon Emmerson, Edwin Yager, and many more. In 2012 I became a Certified Hypnosis Trainer with NGH and later that year I also became an OMNI Hypnosis Trainer.

During the years I grew into creating my own hypnosis curriculum and I have been teaching different therapy and self-development classes all over the world (Brasil, USA, UK, Europe, Asia).