Happy Love: The 6 Secrets of Happy Couples and How to Become One

Hailey Party
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As a life-coach, trainer, author and entrepreneur, Hailey believes whatever you are going through, or went through in the past, it can be healed, transformed, and completed. Hailey knows you can be happy and grateful and rise above all challenges and that you can stop the cycle of pain from repeating.

As an accomplished survivor and talking from her own place of experience, Hailey’s life was far from perfect. But despite her own deep personal challenges, Hailey has come out on top. Now, she wants to make the art of happiness possible for everyone she meets!

Having worked with over a thousand one on one cases and addressed over 400,000 audience members over her career, Hailey absolutely loves being an intricate part in the teaching, sharing, inspiring and healing of her clients.