Hypnosis For Athletes Developing Gold Medal Toughness

Joni Neidigh
Certified Clinical Hypnotist
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Starting her career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, further on down the track Joni became a Certified Clinical Hypnotist specializing in athletic performance. She found that Hypnosis was an extremely effective tool to create lasting change for her clients. 

Joni has helped develop athletes from age-group to Olympians and professionals in the sport of swimming. Joni works with USA registered swimmers and coaches all across the United States. She has hosted and worked with coaches and teams from other countries as well including Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, and more. 

Joni is also a presenter at clubs, coaches-clinics, colleges, and high schools across the U.S. and she is known to help athletes, coaches, and parents learn to improve their mental game in a fun and easy way.