Sound Healing As Inductions And Deepeners In Hypnosis

Jourdan Rystrom
Soulful Singer-Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker, Activist, Spiritual Teacher & Healer
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I am a creative jill-of-all-trades living in Los Angeles and specialize in creative directing, production, business management, and content development.

For the past five years I have gained extensive experience as Director & Marketing Manager of Firm Body Evolution -- managing all aspects of the holistic spa, including one-on-one interactions, developing creative content for multiple social media platforms, designing websites, and launching blogs.

The ability to create content from start to finish -- conceptualizing, directing/producing, editing, publishing, and then communicating and sharing with others -- sets me apart from other creative contractors, who usually specialize in just one area.

I'm a charismatic and driven young woman who has a passion to inspire the best in everyone. Living by the Golden Rule, I'm constantly at the top of the game in every job -- reaching above and beyond what is expected of me.

I am a very creative and innovative person, always working to better myself, and adapt well to any environment (with a fantastic work ethic!) I'm a big people-person and love working with, helping, and interacting with others.