Integrative Change

Margo Drucker
Board Certified Clinical Integrative Hypnotist/ Stress Rescue Expert & Brain Training Specialist
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▪️Brain Training - You will learn self-directed neuroplasticity to rewire your brain. The techniques are easy to use, proven ways to change emotions and eliminate cravings, compulsions, and unconscious, habituated patterns.

▪️ Mind/Body Alignment - Addresses imbalances in the body’s energy system to mitigate physical symptoms and enrich self-advancement. Promotes systemic harmonization for better mental & physical health.

▪️Conscious/Unconscious Integration - I identify and eliminate subconscious barriers to success, optimal health, and happiness in order to help my clients achieve their desired goals. You will experience whole-mind expansion, exploration, and integration.

▪️Past Life Regression Experience - Whether there’s a belief in past lives and desire to explore for the sake of creative inspiration, discovery, and enlightenment, or the knowledge that the unconscious mind loves elaborate metaphors, the PLRE is a valuable tool. My clients gain insight, access to their deep well of creativity, and practical solutions for today’s challenges.