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Michal Cieslakowski
Hypnotherapist, international speaker and hypnosis instructor.
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Born in 1982.

Hypnotherapist, international speaker and hypnosis instructor.

Invited many times as a presenter to the most important universities in Poland (Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics), to the largest Polish TV stations (TVP, TVN), international hypnosis conventions (Sao Paulo, Zurich, Belo Horizonte, London, New York, Las Vegas) and to the most successful commercial companies (Coca Cola co., Procter & Gamble)

In the hypnosis industry since 2004.

Hypnosis expert in working with sleep and dreams.

Creator of his own methods of using hypnosis to obtain lucid dreams and to sleep in extreme systems of polyphasic sleep (2 hours a day).

Author of several specialistic hypnosis workshop programs: "Medical Hypnosis", "Business Hypnosis", "Ultimate Deep Trance Work", "Self-Hypnosis of the 21st century".

He created his own company called Barwy Umysłu (Colors of the Mind), where he has already hypnotized thousands of people on a global scale and trained several hundred.

Expert in experimental hypnosis, working with deep hypnosis and phenomena of deep hypnotic trance.