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Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
President of the International Hypnosis Federation
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Shelley Stockwell Nicholas is President of the International Hypnosis Federation.

A practicing professional instructor, hypnotherapist and hypno-coach and past life regressionist for over 40 years, she believes that you learn by doing. That is why her classes are hands-on experiences.

She is the author of 20 books including “HYPNOSIS: Smile On Your Face and Money In Your Pocket” (translated into Russian and Indonesian), “Stockwell’s Hypnosis Dictionary Script Book” and “Denial is not a River In Egypt; Overcoming Addiction and Compulsion With Dr Stockwell’s Self-Hypnosis System.”

She wrote 3 books with Ormond McGill and was the contributing editor of Ormond McGill’s masterpiece “McGill’s Hypnotherapy Encyclopedia.”