Havening Demonstration, Certified Havening Techniques® Training

Stephen Travers
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Havening Trainer
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Stephen was appointed the Certified Havening Trainer for Ireland by the renowned American Doctor Ronald Ruden, the creator of these breakthrough scientific techniques, due to his skill, knowledge and expertise in this new healing modality. He is also Ireland’s first Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, as well as being a highly experienced & skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Stephen is The Director of U.K & International Havening.

Stephen personally works, presents and trains with the world’s leading experts in the fields of hypnotherapy, personal development and neuroscience, such as Doctor Ronald Ruden and hypnotherapist Paul McKenna. He presents the Official Havening Trainings in Ireland & Internationally, so other health professionals can learn to utilise these amazing techniques with their clients and patients.