HELIX - The DNA of Hypnosis

Tom Faith
Certified Clinical Hypnotist & Hypnomentalist
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My professional career started as a management consultant for strategy and process optimization. A few years after I started my career, I met a hypnotherapist by chance and was convinced to do a session with him. I wanted to find out how I could give my career a new boost. After only a few sessions, my self-confidence and determination were growing enormously and I was programmed for success. From then on, everything went very easily - confident manner, convincing communication, right decisions.

In a few years, I went from being a consultant to a small consulting firm to becoming head of the innovation division at one of the world's largest IT companies.

However, this also had its downsides: increasing success and time pressure, increasing stress and finally the first symptoms of burnout.

Since I have always been very interested in the function of the human psyche, I invested a large part of my free time in various further training courses in psychology, neurolinguistics, hypnosis and coaching. Finally, a hypnosis show gave me the idea of ​​combining all of these elements in order to develop new opportunities for a fast, effective, yet economical method of change.

My personal hobby is street hypnosis, which I started at the beginning of the 2000s and thus practically established in Germany. Since then, the community of street hypnotists has continued to grow and is already represented throughout Germany.

In my seminars and shows, I now try to bring this knowledge to the participants in an entertaining way, while the focus in coaching is on individual advice and support for personal change.