Client Therapeutic Booklet

This course is going to give you a really helpful and professional intervention in your work practice.

Program starts: April 22nd , 2021

Program ends: April 24th, 2021

Time: 4pm - 6pm EST

Adelina Pjetra
Adelina Pjetra
Adelina Pjetra has a bachelor degree in Psychology, scientific master degree in Clinic...
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About this event

You're going to be able to follow step by step your client and also conducting a well grounded therapeutic process.

This therapeutic booklet has gathered together in one place the best parts from all my specialization in therapeutic approaches in the world. If you are a young mental health practitioner in your work practice or you have many years working in this field, you’d never wished to miss such a great tool to make every session count, also to feel more goal oriented each session.

You are going to learn some therapeutic techniques, fast interventions, and how to be successful in your work practice. This course it’s not just a learning course but also a therapeutic one, for your own insecurities. How you can build up your practice? How you can succeed even when you think others are better than you? How to make yourself known even if there are 10,000 around you?

All these questions gone have an answer, not only that but a solution in only three days of training.

What you'll learn

- What’s the importance of a therapeutic booklet on your work practice
- Therapeutic agreement & GP letter of engagement
- First session ( give it all, get it all)
- Anamneses & Diagnose
- Trauma in 3 generation
- Attachment style
- A booklet that is a full therapeutic process itself
- Therapeutic techniques

If you ever felt that “ I don’t know where to start” - this course gives to you a good grounded process to take secure steps in the first 10 sessions with your client.


Supervision for 6 months ( free)
1:1 free session ( 1-3)
Group sessions ( 3 ) during 2020-2021


"Such an enthusiastic training. Your energy filled me up.. I’m ready.. I know I can do best. Please let me know for other trainings from you. You are a role model Adelina. Thank you."
— Era
"The best training course I’ve ever attended. Really helpful, I feel already stronger and confident to start my private practice. I have in my hand what was missing from all my studies in University. Thnx a lot Adelina."
— Ajla
"Ohh my good, this course was more than you advertised. This was the kind of training I was looking for.. Thank you for everything."
— Eni