Basic Hypnosis - The Art of Self-Discovery

Learn the basics of hypnosis with this introduction to the subconscious mind.

2020 November 7-8 (Saturday-Sunday) 9am to 5pm

Attilla Kun
Atilla Kun
Attila has been known in the Hypnosis industry for a long time. He became a Clinical...
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About this event

This course has been developed and presented by Attila J. Kun since 1996.

This is one of IHHA's most popular courses! As the title says, The Art of Self-Discovery!

The most important aspect of our life is, to understand ourselves. This course is an incredible journey to within.

A course open to anyone interested understanding and utilizing the mind for personal and professional success through self-directed mind-power (hypnotism). “Unleash your true potential, help yourself and help others.” Combining trance induction with semantics, learn to maximize the benefits of hypnosis.

During this dynamic two-day course, open to anyone, you will learn what makes a person go into a trance, when a person is open to suggestions, how is the psyche impressed, how suggestions are reinforced, and much more. Learn the age old techniques that have proven themselves over and over. You will learn self hypnosis and how to make your own self hypnosis and motivational recordings for effective and beneficial self improvement.

What you'll learn

Worrying vs. caring
Self-discovery questions
Everyday life psychology 1 - 9.
The subconscious mind
Subconscious vs. Conscious
Positive thinking
Like attracts like
Messages from our subconscious mind
Invaluable strategies for life
William James
Contemplate your life
The 90/10 Principle
The Power of habit
James Allen - As a man thinketh
Effects of thoughts on health and body
Thought and purpose
The thought-factor in achievement
Visions and ideas
Living versus surviving or stagnating or getting by
You create what you focus on
Outside influences perceived through the five senses
Emotions created or triggered
Nervous system
How neurosis develops
How emotions harm our body
From thought to reality
Love awakens the soul
About hypnosis
Questions for the serious hypnosis student
What does hypnosis really feel like?
Hypnosis myth busters
What is hypnosis?
The physical signs of hypnosis
Deepening technique 1
Deepening technique 2
Energy protection
Creating "anchoring" the safe place
How to bring your client out of hypnosis
One of Attila's inductions
Some classic Gil Boyne inductions - Classic eye-fixation
Direct gaze method
Eye catalepsy
Two-finger technique
Method of conditioning
Fixation object method
Suggestion for a good night sleep
Suggestions for health
What is your next project? Can you picture it in your mind?
The emotional elements of our weakness
Create and live the life you want
The man who sold hot dogs
Basic principles of successful people
Success and how to achieve it
What is vision?
Visualization - imagination project
Negative programs
Negative proverbs
Waking hypnosis
When is your subconscious mind being influenced?
Self-hypnosis - active visualization
Autosuggestion principals
Self-hypnosis tool for self-improvement
What your goal consists of
When you reached your goal
We want to effectively impress our mind
How to use self-hypnosis
Self-hypnosis for today's living
How to reach and arouse the Subconscious mind
Awakening method from self-hypnosis
The "New Year resolutions"
Remember - some basic rules


The course comes with a 138 pages PDF booklet


I highly recommend your course to everyone who is interested in hypnosis, particularly to hypnotherapists who will definitely benefit of your enormous experience and expertise. I would also recommend this course to psychologists, psychiatrists, actors who will be able to greatly expand their understanding of human psychology.
— Dr. Andrei Poukhovski
MD, PhD, Psychiatrist , Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta
In 2006 September I attended your Stage Hypnosis Course at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta. This was one of the best experiences I had in my life! I was impressed by the level of your knowledge, expertise, professionalism, honesty, and skills. I am proud of the fact that I was taught by you -- hypnotist, actor, magician, entertainer, and fabulous person! You truly possess the power of magnetism and, I was inspired by your presence. Attila you are also a marvellous teacher, attentive, provoking discussions yet following your principles and high, classy standards.
— Attendee
"Attila, for your superb teaching today at the IMDHA workshop. You offered a unique, practical, creative approach to the time regression. In your hands this technique gained on creativity, energy, focus, logic and effectiveness. Thank you for combining teaching with leading participants into their self-discoveries. I learned and experienced, transformed!"
— Grateful, Wieslaw "Wes" Rocki
"I may know about movie magic, but you are the real thing".
— Arnold Schwarzenegger