Helping Clients That Have MS Or Other Debilitating Diseases

Get inside the mind of these people who so badly need our help so you can truly help them.

This class will start 2PM Eastern time US & Canada and end at approximately 7 PM Eastern time on October 29th 2020.
11AM - 4PM PT

Bruce & Tracy Bonczyk
Bruce Bonczyk
Bruce, a Reiki Master, Advanced Pranic Healer, Hypnotist and Hypnosis instructor, has...
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About this event

The disabled person, the handicapped person and the recently diagnosed person look at life differently than most of our other clients. Get inside the mind of these people who so badly need our help so you can truly help them. I’m in a unique position to give you their perspective and how to deal with it, having gone through it myself.

This class will help hypnotherapists and/or energy workers work with clients that have Multiple Sclerosis or other debilitating diseases.

When somebody is going through an illness like this, it is very, very scary. So having the protocol to establish a structure gives them the opportunity to learn and understand that once they get their mindset working towards their health, they can actually battle their terrible disease.

Without the structure, with just their thoughts, it's just plain scary. And a lot of people just give up.

But when they understand that there's a proactive structure that you can give them, this works on the mindset. It also aids the ability of the body to work on a communication misunderstanding between the cells and the body and how they work together to battle their disease. This makes them feel a whole lot better. This helps them become positive and it allows them to become knowledgeable and proactive giving them the ability to battle their disease and hopefully, like my case, move into wellness.

As you are probably well aware, our body’s natural tendency is to heal itself. There will be information from my book, “I’ll Never What Again?”, which is about my experiences with, and my overcoming, Multiple Sclerosis even though it is supposed to be incurable.

While we cannot promise the results I had, personally, we can say that this will help the client deal better. Improvements can be made physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And, miracles CAN happen, one happened to me. So our highest hope is to inspire your clients to create miracles in their health.

My experience was different in that, at the time I had no one to guide me along the way to health.

What you'll learn

During this class we will cover:
• The “care and feeding” of a client with a debilitating disease
• How a disabled client is different from the average joe that walks in off the street
• How to interact with a disabled client - their needs are different
• The right questions to ask disabled clients in order to be able to help them
• Understanding the mindset of the disabled client and where they are coming from
• Victim mode – what is it and what to do about it
• How to interest your clients in participating in life again
• Secondary gain and ways to pull them out of it
• Helping change the mindset of a disabled person in order to help them have a healthier outlook
• What are the limiting beliefs of your disabled client and how to help them


This class is a $750 value but you won’t pay that and you will receive the following bonuses
Bonus #1 everyone that completes the class will receive a certificate of completion for the class
Bonus #2 everyone that is in the class will get a copy of my book in PDF format A $19.00 value
Bonus #3 you will receive sample scripts that can be modified based on the situation or just used as a guide to write your own. A $100.00 value
Bonus #4 Energy secrets you can use with all your clients but are most helpful with persons that have debilitating diseases. $150.00 value
Extra Bonus for the first 10 people to register I will send an autographed copy of my book. Priceless


"Bruce does an excellent job of understanding the mindset of the disabled and putting this protocol together. The advantage that Bruce has, is the ability to understand the mindset of all of this, because he's personally gone through it. And he belonged to a group of people with MS and was aware of what they had in common. So it's not just from an outsider's perspective, it's from a personal perspective and that has added a lot of credibility to the protocol and the solutions. Bruce's protocol was absolutely on target. It let me look at the cells and the body and how they work together to battle this disease. Because, as Bruce had said, there's a miscommunication between the mind and the cells, and the body doesn't understand that this is a miscommunication. It gives us the ability to correct that language so we can say, "okay, now as a body, we’re going to fight this disease in a proactive manner and become successful." So the protocol is very important. Thank you Bruce"
— Patrick