Optimising Inner Wellness (b)

Improve health outcomes and revolutionise mainstream healthcare by integrating the multi-intelligence leading with the heart approach.

April 15th, 2021

April 21st - 22nd 2021

6pm-8pm EST

Dr. Nas Parsian
Dr. Nas Parsian
Nas is experienced for 25 years in a wide range of health and wellness paradigms,...
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About this event

There is a gap in our mainstream health care system, which is causing more health problems and is critical to address.

What’s missing is heart-centered care. By ignoring the connection between the heart, body, and the mind (with the heart leading the way) we are continuing to lack the quality of care we need to help our patients heal and recover, and faster. It is urgent doctors and health practitioners begin to focus their care on the center, called heart intelligence, where the health of the mind and body intersect.

All human beings yearn to feel a sense of connection and purpose, and when we do our body’s healing process speeds up. When doctors align their mind and heart by including the heart-intelligence in care plans and discover a deep awareness of what’s emotionally inside of a patient’s heart they will fail less. Integrating the multi-intelligence leading with the heart in our healthcare system will bring a new perspective that can shift DNA, increase better health outcomes, and revolutionise our mainstream healthcare system as a whole!

It is the best time in history now to make this transformation in wellness happen. While everything in our world is becoming commercial, transnational structure and perhaps nothing is about the heart, humans are taking more accountability and showing their needs to create the meaningful transformation, explore and understand the barriers and enablers of emotional well-being and achieve flourishing Inner SELF.

Heart-centered care focuses on the idea that our beliefs are affected by our emotions and the heart--and that the heart is the leader. Most people say it’s the other way around, that we need to “control our emotions with our head and mind”. In other words, when we do this our head and mind buries the emotions that are in our heart, which causes more sickness and disease.

In this mission optimising emotional wellness is the first gate to open becoming your better Self.

What you'll learn

In this course You will Learn how to:

1. Explore the process of healing triangle

2. Acknowledge and embody the heart intelligence

3. Understand the Perceptions/Conceptions around awareness

4. Redefine the beliefs and values for wellness and create new meaning

5. Transform suffering to evolving, Victim to empowered.

6. Discover the clarity of your desired identity and your True Self.

7. Connect to the coherent and heart-centred presence

8. Commit to transcend to your New You.



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"Nasrin’s coaching was an eye-opening experience for me to know my inner strength and capacity in my never-ending self-discovery journey. Her compassionate approach along with her expertise in inner growth was a recipe of great care for me that helped me overcome my loops around self-defeating beliefs. I didn’t feel like a project to her but a skilled human connection who was truly engaged with my emotions. She would not hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to supporting emotional well-being. I am more in touch with myself these days and also grateful that I felt not only heard, but respected and professionally understood during my sessions with her. "
— Omid N.
"I came across Holistic and Emotional Health Consultant service when searching internet. Reading through the website I felt , Dr. Nas is the person I need. I booked my first session with her and that was it. During the session I was loaded with amazing information which was energized with all fresh new training and advice and the results were amazing. I am amazed at the level of commitment that Dr. Nas shows. I like her approach to every and each problem and still go back and see her when feel I need to, I recommend Dr. Nas services to everyone."
— Henga