The Self-Healing Spiral™ Coach Certification

This course will help you heal and love yourself at a deeper level AND bring your coaching/hypnotherapy practice to the next level!

Starts on October 27th, 2020.
Finishes on February 16th, 2021.
1pm to 3pm ET

Payment plan available; contact Elé directly at:

Elé de Posson
Elé De Posson
I’m a Self-Love Coach, Healer, Author and Founder of the Self-Healing Spiral an ICF...

About this event

Is this course for you?
Have you ever found yourself thinking:​
​"I know I can help others more!"
​"Maybe I need more tools?"
​​"How does healing really work?"
​"How can my practice reach that next level?"
​​"How can I unlock my fullest potential?"
​Then, we're waiting for you in this certification!
This method, accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), has helped over 600+ women worldwide.
It is an integrative method healing body, mind and soul through the power of self-love.
This is your opportunity to serve your clients, family, friends and yourself in a powerful way and heal the world one person at the time, starting with yourself.

What you'll learn

What you’ll learn during those 5 months:
-A simple and powerful framework made of 6 steps
-16 practical tools (PDFs, audios)
-How to identify and heal emotional wounds and let go of the masks they make us carry
-How to move away from anxiety/fear to realign with love, confidence, inner knowing
-How to address the ego and align with your soul
-How to truly welcome and honour emotions
-How to identify and rewire limiting beliefs
-How to unlock your fullest potential
-How to heal and love yourself
-How to let go of other people’s judgement and live in self-compassion
-How to use this method on clients and offer them true transformations
=> You’ll also receive an ICF accredited certification - CCE


-You’ll receive all tools in PDF and audios
-You’ll get access to my private FB group
-You’ll get a BONUS 45min individual session with Elé


"Before working with Elé, I was struggling with self-confidence and it was impacting my business. It felt luxurious to have her compassionate support. With the Self-Healing Spiral, she helped me open a door within me; the door of Self-Love. I needed that more than I thought. My income and self-confidence then both increased and I felt so supported along the way! If you want to unleash your inner power and unlock your fullest potential, Elé is your person!"
Happiness Alchemist and Healer
“This certification with Elé helped me align myself and let go of the blockages that were holding me back. I can’t even compare myself to who I was 5 months ago. I’m completely different, having a true understanding of myself, my capabilities, with love and appreciation of myself. I shifted to whole new level of thinking and healing. This framework gave so much value to my coaching practice and my personal life! It’s been life-changing to say the least!”
— Sharna
Pregnancy Loss Coach, Sydney