Soul Wisdom Through Past Life Regression

Embark on a Soul Journey of a Past Life to gain a greater understanding of yourself and others and to release the shackles of what is holding you back.

Saturday 7th of November
Start 11am
Finish 2pm

Liane Cugley
Liane Cugley
Liane’s passion for alternative health started at a young age when her Nana cured her...
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About this event

Did you know that every life you have ever encountered is still within your unconscious self.
This profound process will help you understand the following:
Ever wondered why you are the way you are?
Why you become stuck in certain situations/emotions/relationship types?
Not sure why you are here, or what your path is?
Why you keep making that same mistakes over and over again?

You'll be taken through a Soul Journey of a Past Life where you will visit the safest scenes in that life.
These will give you the greatest understanding of yourself and others on a completely new level, so you can free yourself from what is holding you back in this life.
You will be in rapport with yourself more than you ever have been before.
You will be able to integrate these new learnings and understandings into your present life.
You'll understand where you self-sabotage is and find the tools to correct it.
You'll free yourself of problems from the past.
You'll free yourself from addictions, limiting beliefs and understand what a truly amazing, unique person you are.

You'll be safely and gently guided through the process where you get to visit the past life that will give you the highest guidance and understanding for the betterment of yourself in this present life.

You'll need pen and paper, a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a few hours. Somewhere you can sit/recline (Not lay down) comfortably. You may like to have head phones, tissues and a blanket.

What you'll learn

*Understand your pattern of self-sabotage and correct it
*Understand the impact of your own soul work
*Free yourself of problems of the past
*Find your why
*Find your how
*Find why certain relationships are the way they are
*Find your reason for being here and your life past
*Free yourself of addictions
*Understand yourself and others on a new level


You'll receive a PDF outlining the importance of your unconscious mind, why we need to take action to become empowered.


"I did the remote past life regression with Liane today. It was an interesting experience. For so long I have wondered if I had done something different, behaved differently, would my last relationship have worked out. The experience I had today made it pretty clear that no matter what I did, he is who is he and nothing could change that. I feel an enormous sense of release. Thank you Liane. Highly recommended."
— Julie
Perth, Western Australia
"I’ve recently experienced Liane’s Past Life Regression. I went in not knowing what to expect and left with an understanding of why I keep making the same patterns in life. Thank you Liane for giving me the building blocks to better my life choices."
— Stacy
Perth, Western Australia