The How To's of Happiness

Learn scientifically proven techniques to enhance your happiness.

We will meet every Tuesday from 6-830 Eastern Starting Nov 24th and running until Dec 29th.

Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell
I have been working as a Hypnotherapist since 1999. In 2004, I combined my love of...

About this event

Do you wish you were happier?

Do you have a sense that you could be more fulfilled? More excited to wake up in the morning? More energized?

Or are you a therapist who would like some scientifically proven interventions to help your clients feel more fulfilled?

If so, then this course is for YOU!
This question—what will make us happy?—has plagued philosophers for centuries. As we pursue happiness, we tend to be disappointed to find that the things we were taught to make us happy actually DON'T

And now, thanks to the relatively new field of Positive Psychology, there are scientific studies that can answer this elusive question.
In this fun, experiential and interactive course, you will be applying some of the positive psychology interventions yourself in order to experience, firsthand, the positive effects.

We will meet weekly on Zoom for 6 weeks. During our meetings I will share with you an intervention proven to increase happiness. We will look at the science behind the intervention so you understand how and why it works. I will give you a weekly assignment based on the intervention so that you can apply the intervention in your own life and see what changes it creates ! I will also conduct a brief hypnosis session on the group each week to help you really integrate the concepts behind each intervention so that you will get results more quickly.

When we return to "class" each week, we will debrief how you did with each intervention and whether it did, in fact, add to your level of happiness.

Whether you are looking to increase your own happiness or help your clients increase theirs, you will walk away from this course with usable protocols that you can apply.

What you'll learn

What you will learn

-A greater understanding of the science of happiness

-6 interventions that they can use personally or with clients to increase happiness and life satisfaction

-An increase in their own level of happiness as a result of applying the interventions on themselves


Students will receive 6 bonus recorded hypnosis sessions that they can use to integrate the concepts and techniques covered in the course


"I think that Linda is not only an incredible hypnotherapist but an outstanding teacher as well. I have enjoyed every moment of the course. Her outline is clear and concise and she teaches with enthusiasm and ensures that we as her students completely understand not only what we are doing but why we are doing it, a step that is often left out in some teaching."
— Sandy Walker
Victoria BC
"When you choose to train with Linda, you are signing up for an amazing journey! Not only do you get great training in an inspiring environment, but you also go through a positive personal transformation."
— Aniko Farkas
Victoria BC
"Linda lead the class with an inspiring blend of enthusiasm, experience, wisdom and curiosity. She skillfully created an environment that was safe, exciting and supportive. The course exceeded my expectations!"
— Niki Martin
Victoria BC
"I would recommend her course because she not only has years of technical experience and a wealth of knowledge to share, but also holds a teaching degree and it shows. Her presentation of the material was detailed, well organized, and comprehensive. She’s also a very compassionate, sensitive, and attentive facilitator when it comes to group sharing and discussion. I looked forward to every class and was sad when it was over!"
— Carmen Spagnola
Victoria BC
"Linda’s natural teaching style & genuine passion for her profession as well as her ability to provide students with a safe, comfortable environment to be expressive and grow their skills, inspires passion in her students & gives them the ability to learn with ease."
— Jenn Chan
Victoria BC