Energy Clearing & Alignment Training

Lois Hermann
Lois Hermann
I am a catalyst for positive change! A seasoned spiritual and metaphysical teacher...
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About this event

Are you concerned with all the negative energy in our world today? Are your clients feeling the fear, the anger, and the negativity? Are you able to recognize when clients are stuck in destructive patterns that seem out of their control? Would you like some new tools to help them succeed? The ability to gently shift negative energy is a powerful and beneficial skill to have in this time of unprecedented challenge and stress.

In this didactically based Energy Clearing & Alignment program, you will embrace tried and true techniques to help your clients permanently shift their energy to be more positive. This course will give you tools to identify unresolved issues and gently shift your client’s energy, while you master the ability to keep your own energy clear, uplifted, and protected. If you are a spiritual-minded hypnotist who is curious about past lives, spiritual energies, and unseen entities, you will find this course fascinating, inspiring, and empowering.

If your clients have unexplained resistance to the techniques you have been using, you will discover numerous direct and indirect ways to help them move beyond the basics and explore the unseen world that surrounds us all. If your own energy seems to be depleted at the end of the day, you will learn masterful ways to maintain strong energy as you experience your own self-transformation in this powerful program. If you are looking for unique ways to help your clients succeed, you will gain new tools, skills, and techniques that are based on decades of experience in the transpersonal world of spiritual hypnosis.

You will learn incredible insight into past lives, genetic memory, negative energies, and earthbound spirits. You will develop strategic ways to help your clients connect with passed over loved ones, as well as angels, Masters, and Guides… across all belief systems. These higher vibrational beings can have tremendous effect on the living, and you will have the ability to facilitate a positive connection between these Wise Ones and your clients.

A transformational learning experience, the Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA) Training is changing the lives and enhancing the practices of the spiritual and metaphysical hypnotists and therapists who embrace this training. As you help clients shift negative patterns, you create lasting results for positive health and wellbeing for them, their families, and yourself.

Based on a didactic process and developed with the help of wise spiritual guides, this ECA Training is a step-by-step, instruction program that is delivered online via a combination of recorded presentation and demonstration videos along with ten hours of live Zoom educational training and mentoring sessions. Designed for learning in the comfort and convenience of your home with plenty of time for individual practice between the Zoom meetings, you learn powerful hypnosis-based techniques to clear unproductive energy around yourselves and your clients.

I invite you to join this user-friendly, academically-based program to help you and your clients attain balanced energy that empowers peace of mind, body, and spirit. The ECA Training will allow you to lift the spirits and energy of your clients. As you expand your business with these new skills, I look forward to assisting you with your own self-transformation. I am guided to share from my heart and coach those who are ready to embark on this journey. As you assist your clients to succeed, you empower yourself and your business will thrive. If you would like to help your clients lift their energy, join this program, and help make a difference in our world by shifting the energy to be more positive, one client, one family, one community at a time.

What you'll learn

In this interactive, 44-hour training program, you can expect to:

  • Receive a professional ECA Guidebook filled with insight, tips, scripts, and case studies.
  • Describe the differences between past lives, negative energies, earthbound spirits, and more.
  • Establish techniques to help clients connect with angels, guides, and passed over loved ones.
  • Practice powerful energy clearing and alignment techniques for yourself and your clients.
  • Discover processes to keep your energy clear, spirit strong, and body healthy.
  • Gain personalized mentoring while using new, valuable tools to clear and align energy.
  • Obtain ongoing support via our ECA Mastermind Team that meets regularly via Zoom.


You will receive a detailed didactic-based Energy Clearing & Alignment Guidebook that is complete with concepts, tips, scripts, and case studies. This ECA Guidebook is available exclusively to students enrolled in this program.

You will receive a one-year complimentary enrolment in our ongoing monthly Mastermind meeting with seasoned ECA specialists to support you and your clients while you master these new techniques. Subsequent enrolment is optional based on an annual contribution of $333.


Our past creates us. We receive our set of “instructions” from all of the generations that have come and gone before us. That is our given. Our biology. Our immutable history. Throughout our lives, through free will, cognition, and growth, we reshape who we are, who we think we are, and who we strive to become. We are who we are at this moment and at this moment alone. We are not the same person we were yesterday and tomorrow awaits. What we have is now. Sometimes, along our way, toward a sense of spiritual fulfillment and in our attempts to live mindfully in the present, our past becomes an obstacle and we get “stuck.” We need help in order to move forward. For me, I found that help in Lois Hermann and her spiritual guidance. Through what Lois and I came to call “suggestive guided imagery,” I was better able to understand and value some of those people and loved ones in my life who came before me and helped shape my life over the years. Their spirits are with me as I journey through this life. Sometimes those spirits have transitioned and returned to be beside me. But some of the spirits have not yet been lifted up to what waits beyond. Working with Lois, I was able to find ways to let those spirits be lifted up, to let them release being grounded within me, and to allow them to be free. It was that freedom, that lifting up of their spirits that in turn lifted my spirit, allowing me to be free to be me. The spirits are always welcome at any time as I continue my journey to live a life guided by my past and fulfilled in the present. The journey is never finished, just measured in time. But the spirits of my loved ones being with me is different now. We are all in a better place, unencumbered, separated by place and time, but together in spirit. Yes, Lois, you have helped lift my spirits, as well as the spirits of those journeying with me, and we all thank you for your work and your expertise at what you do.
— Richard Ingram
IT Professional
As a transpersonal hypnotist, I've learned that the more techniques you have, the better your outcomes will be. Lois Hermann teaches/offers a unique program of Energy Clearing & Alignment that accesses the deepest, innermost root cause of the client’s issue. This is a program that every light-working hypnotist should have in their arsenal. I am thankful that I have this knowledge and skill, and I use some component of it in every single session.
— Brian H
PT, CH, Advanced ECA Practitioner
The Energy Clearing and Alignment Training with Lois Hermann has been life changing. The depth of understanding I bring to my clients, as well as a much broader perspective on each presenting issue is because of what I learned from Lois. If you’re building a Spiritual Hypnosis Practice - this class is a must! The tools I received as a result of taking the Energy Clearing & Alignment Training along with the Advanced Energy Clearing & Alignment Program have been extremely helpful in tailoring my sessions to the specific needs of my clients. It paves the way for my clients to make the changes they desire to make in their lives.
— Kathleen Kubacki
CCH, Advanced ECA Practitioner, NLP Practitioner