Inner Work Transformation

Inner Work Transformation empowers you to identify and transform the root cause of your recurring problems in life.

26 October 2020 (Monday) to 30 October 2020 (Friday)
Time: 7.30PM - 10.00PM daily

Luke Bong
Luke Bong
Hi, my name is Luke Bong. I'm the creator of Inner Work Transformation. I'm also the...

About this event

Inner Work Transformation empowers you to identify and transform the root cause of your recurring problems in life. A recurring problem is one which occurs repeatedly, as if it has been programmed by someone or something in the past. No matter how hard you try to change, it feels as if something could just trigger the programming and the cycle of frustration repeats itself.

In most cases, you probably also know what the trigger is. You may have tried to avoid it, rationalize it, deal with it or overcome it but the harder you try, the more it seems to want to stick on to you.

This is the type of problem that is more complicated than just a person's limiting beliefs. It is rooted in a person's consciousness. Because of this, in Inner Work Transformation, you will learn to identify your Unconscious Mental Programming (UMP) that gives birth to the limiting belief in the first place.

The Inner Work Transformation process encapsulates 3 distinct but interrelated parts of a person's life journey - The Past, The Present and The Future. Inner Work begins with the process of Healing The Past, which then leads to Transforming the Present and finally Rewriting the Future.

Experience is the best teacher. In this workshop, not only will you be learning how to conduct an actual Inner Work Transformation Process, you will also be experiencing the entire process yourself and transforming whatever non-fruitful Unconscious Mental Programming that may be preventing you from moving to the next level in your journey as a coach or therapist.

What you'll learn

Day 1: The Master Key of Inner Work – Access the master key that unlocks the door to your Unconscious Mental Programming so that you can heal your past
Day 2: Forgiveness and Letting Go – How to truly forgive and let go. The myth surrounding forgiveness that have prevented people from moving on in life.
Day 3: Healing the Shadow and Inner Transformation – What is the Shadow and how to heal it to create a powerful inside-out transformation.
Day 4: Charting Your Future – What is preventing you from boldly stepping into your future? How do you cross the W.A.R.D.S Checkpoints in your subconscious so that you can overcome all the resistance that comes from within you?
Day 5: Rewriting Your Future – The Z-to-A strategy of designing your future and taking concrete action to make it a reality.


4 weekly live group coaching sessions to continue supporting your Inner Work journey.

— Dr Sivakumar Kumaresan
PhD, NLP Trainer, Malaysia
— Piyachai Teo
Breathwork Coach, Malaysia
— Lee Yen
Language Coach, Malaysia
— Thabiso Mailula
Life Coach, South Africa