Reimaging Certification Course

This cutting edge transformation technique is the ultimate method for clearing the mind/body/spirit of toxic emotions or old habits.

February 24th, 2021 - May 19th, 2021

2pm to 4pm EST

Santosha Nobel
Santosha Nobel
Santosha is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor with training in NLP,...
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About this event

Would you like to have more confidence as an alternative healer, coach, hypnotist, or therapist? Do you believe you are as effective as you could be? Do you like to keep up with cutting edge techniques? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you will find Reimaging is your answer. Would you like a technique that leads to actual, measurable, spiritual growth? This cutting edge, transformation technique is the ultimate method for clearing the mind/body/spirit of toxic emotions or old habits.

Reimaging is interactive, guided imagery and breath work that clears 7 levels of the mind/body and spirit. Taking the Reimaging Certification Course will help you to know with 100% certainty that you are being effective in clearing people of any trauma or emotion underlying whatever they wish to transform. You will find you can easily navigate and clear the entire shadow with ease. Reimaging leads to a complete transformation, and because of this, it leads to measurable, spiritual growth.

What you'll learn

Learn Kinesiology and how it is applied to map your progress in the shadow.

Develop basic listening techniques and pacing with your client.

Explore NLP techniques for greater insights.

Learn and practice how to do the Focusing Techniques by Eugene Gendlin for insight driven work.

Discover “The Map” by Barbara DeAngelis, Phd and John Gray, Phd.

Explore the secrets of the seven levels of Reimaging and why they are important to clear completely.

Practice how to coach emotions, beliefs, plus 5 other levels of this cutting edge technique.

Discover the process of how to help your clients get 100% clear of limiting patterns and turn their lives around towards success.

Explore how to get insights on each level.

Understand at least one interpretation of the inner workings of the psyche.

Master Reimaging techniques and exercises for Manifestation, Reimaging Fast Forward, Instant Reimaging, Opening Doors of Invitation.

Complete homework assignments and this may count towards CEU’s in your field.


Students will receive a hard back copy of the course: Reimaging  Transforming Your Life by Reinventing Yourself with 2 audio programs


"I believe that there are no shortcuts in a therapeutic situation.  I also believe that its work, and even hard work.  Although hypnotherapy can achieve amazing outward results in a comparatively short period of time, I believe this can be deceptive; there is an inner journey too.  I don’t believe you can do the one and ignore the other if you want to achieve a lasting solution for whatever issues you have in your life."
— J.J.
Legal Consultant, Santa Barbara, CA