Ditch the Weight Without Dieting

Discover The Ugly Truth About Diets and How They’re Built To Fail!

1 November to 12 December 2020 7.00pm to 7.30pm

Shari Ware
Shari Ware
Shari Ware is a Health Coach, best selling author & international speaker who went...

About this event

Guess what? All these years it wasn’t you that has been the problem….. Discover why
you’ve struggled for so long trying to get healthy with either no success or just vanishing
glimpses of success. Now’s the time to get your energy, life, and motivation back.

Let me share with you the discoveries that helped me on my journey to losing 100kg.

Forget the old mantras that have been pushed on us for decades. It’s not just about eating
less and moving more. It’s not just about weighing food and depriving yourself. There is more to
the story and I want to share with you the truth. My truth! I’m the living proof with my own
weight loss and life that there are facts you don’t know and things you’ve never been told.

My goal is to empower you and walk along side of you as you build the life you want and
create the health you need for you, your family, and so that you can look forward to a future
filled with fun, energy, and positivity.

What you'll learn

* How do we live our healthiest life?
* What are the biggest myths & mistakes people make when trying to lose weight?
* What are the 3 biggest secrets to lose the weight for life?
* The 5 steps I used to lose 100kg
* Why do we self sabotage?
* What is emotional eating & how do you control it?
* The importance of self love
* Mindset hacks that make healthy change easier
* What's the best diet?
* What's the best exercise?
* Cause & Effect
* What needs are being met?
* Habit Science
* Mindset exercises
* Where do you go from here?


How I Plan To Support You
1. We’ll do a welcome call where I get to know you, your struggles, and how best I can
serve you.
2. You’ll get 6 weeks access to a private FB group filled with supportive & loving people just like
you. I’ll be in this group with you guys doing a weekly Facebook Live making sure
everyone feels supported and is coming along in their journey.
3. I’ll be gifting you copies of my number one best sellers on Amazon “Fat to Fabulous -
Diet Free Weight Loss For Real Women” and “Healthy! Beautiful Inside & Out” for you to
read through and enjoy.
4. Whatever you need & no matter where you are at I am here for you!


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