Quantum Integration Technique

The Quantum Integration Technique gives instant results to your clients to manifest their desires and dreams

Friday 6th November 7 pm Australian to 9. Pm
3pm US and Canada to 5 pm
Friday 13th at same time
Friday 20th at same time
Friday 27th at same time

Susanne Golding
Susanne Golding
Susanne has over 20 years of experience in holistic modalities working with people...
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About this event

Quantum Integration Technique
Are you a Therapist, Healer or Coach?
Would you like a powerful new tool to add to your skill set?
The Quantum Integration Technique gives instant results to your clients to manifest their desires and dreams
Being a law of attraction Coach, I know that in order to attract abundance, your ideal relationship or ideal life. You need to feel it and know how it feels to live and have it.
So, if you have never had a lot of money or the ideal relationship how are you supposed to know what that feels like?
So, I have developed the Quantum Integration Technique which takes you into the Quantum Realm where your client is able to experience and feel the life they desire, yes! they have everything. The money, financial freedom and the ideal relationship, health and wellbeing. Anything their heart desires is there for them, feel and bring back with them.

What you'll learn

Change Limiting Beliefs
Quit Old Patterns
Attract Abundance
Manifest your desires
Attract your ideal relationship
Live your ideal life


Monthly Coaching call and support via Zoom


"Highly recommended this beautiful lady! I am truly blessed to have met Susan! She has come into my life when my soul truly needed it. I can honestly say I feel so at ease, healed and ready to move forward in my life. Honestly cannot thank you enough xx"
— Cherish
"Where do I start.... I have known Susanne for years and I absolutely adore her as a friend and a wonderful healer. I used to have face to face healing sessions with Susanne, back in the days where physical contact was not condemned. Her incredible warm, powerful, and Divine touch, that I used to feel, has now been redirected into these new expansive and pervasive healing Susanne has applied on me. We had a time- line/ healing deep emotions/hypnosis and light chanting session via the phone and Oh My Days...it was powerful. Her soothing and deeply nurturing voice took me on an inner energetic, spiritual, and magical journey that allowed me to really see myself as a different person. After the healing session I could not thank her enough for the overwhelmingly elevating experience. It is life changing and it really helped me have trust, faith and recalibrate my own powers to go in the world and lead the life of my dreams. I could not recommend Susanne more. Love you so much. Thank you."
— Rosie