How Healing Happens

Learn to apply your love and Life Force Energy to release tension, relieve pain and even adjust bones.

Feb 13th, 2021, 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm EST

Trudy Baker
Trudy Baker
Trudy’s experience with hands-on healing reaches back to her childhood.

About this event

This workshop series is all about the heart's role in healing.

We teach you how you can apply your love and the Life Force Energy to release tension, relieve pain and even adjust bones. You heal without a need to fully understand the precise details about the issues. We do not need to comprehend the underlying medical formulations about all the issues involved. However, knowing something about the functions of the human body can help us to focus better.

The How Healing Happens gives a new perspective on what it means to be healed and well. We introduce three main methods of connecting to the Life Force Energy. Each of these methods allows the students to start practicing self-healing and healing family members and friends. Several healing meditations prepare students for the detailed work done in the course during the main section. The meditations offered in the introductory section have been chosen to deal with stress. Using the methods taught and the meditations offered gives students immediate tools to begin taking more responsibility for their own health.

The following part of the workshop goes into some detail with respect to the parts of the human anatomy: the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, and the glandular system.  However, it is not intended to be a mini training course in human anatomy. We focus in particular on self-healing. You will learn to understand your body and how it communicates to you. Once you have learned to do the techniques on yourself, it is easy to adapt to using them on others.

The last section of the workshop focuses on the role of the Chakra system and presents some advanced techniques and more meditations.

In every aspect of this workshop, you will experience how the Heart is the focus of healing and being well.

What you'll learn

In the initial 4-hour workshop you will learn:

  • How we can experience healing
  • Connecting to the Life Force Energy, using various healing modalities
  • Some techniques to get in touch with the heart
  • A few healing practices
  • Using meditations for healing
  • I have chosen meditations that are most applicable for managing and reducing stress
  • Closing meditation


  • Free weekly Zoom Healing Circle membership.
  • One folow-up private Skype tutorial
  • One free distant healing request for a family member to be scheduled in the next 4 months.
  • Testimonials

    The more I do this, the more I feel supernatural abilities become part of me.
    — Elsie
    The sessions brought me into a state of purity in body, mind and soul.
    — David
    I feel I and my life have positively changed. It's awesome! I am so grateful. Thank You.
    — Alice