Alison  Sonenfeld

Alison Sonenfeld

Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor

My background is as a behavior interventionist aide and a coach. My job in schools was to help students who struggled with their emotional reactions. I learned why these behaviors tend to occur, ways to intervene, and which intervention methods to use. I learned how to redirect a student's attention to more positive actions.

While working as a health coach for a corporation, the focus promoted healthy balanced habits and impactful activity routines. Like holding your breath, it seemed difficult, if not impossible, to sustain long term. Familiar feelings of a losing battle sneak back. Each job led to a deeper understanding of how crucial perspective and self-talk are to establishing gratification.

Hypnosis is a practical tool, and it's also profoundly healing. The possibilities of transforming thoughts, actions, and perspectives using hypnosis are limitless. It was the ingredient to compliment what I learned about changing behaviors and habits. I am pleased to share what I have learned.