Ness Tomlinson

Ness Tomlinson

Angelicness Therapies Founder and Director

My name is Ness and has been living in Busselton, Western Australia for 44 years. Throughout my adult life I have worked in community services.

Qualified in Youth Work, Career Adviser, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.
Being a naturally gifted Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Angel Intuitive reader/healer, using in NLP, hypnotherapy, teaching meditation, spiritual development and women’s circles, I use my special ability is to assist and help people make peace with the past. Now, I want to share these natural gifts with the world, so you can develop yours too.

I have a strong connection with the Archangels and guided to help and support people to move onward confidently in life.

My life purpose is to provide guidance and assist people in their life purpose, help people heal, provide clarity and move them forward from anything in their life causing trauma or things that don’t serve them in their current situation.

Love and light xox