Becoming a Healthy Weight Management Supporter vs. Shamer With Hypnosis

About this course

Becoming a body supporter vs a body shamer with hypnosis will help to manage a healthy weight and make a lasting change. Becoming a weight management supporter is not a diet. Dieting is a way of restricting yourself, similar to holding your breath and charging ahead to reach your weight goal. Weight management is a lifelong way of treating yourself, your body, and managing health, self-esteem, and, ultimately, weight.

Who should take this course?
• Anyone who struggles with weight management and body image.
• Anyone who feels stuck in useless habits or reoccurring negative thoughts and wants to break the cycle of negative thinking.
•. Anyone who is looking for an effective method for tackling self-sabotaging habits and behaviors.
•. Anyone who wants to release subconscious programs that interfere with living life with more success and ease.

Alison  Sonenfeld
Alison Sonenfeld
Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor

What you'll learn

With this course, you will:
• Increase awareness of the self-talk and feelings that exist in your mind.
• Exercises to help you relax with ease and reduce stress so you can think more clearly.
• Release the struggle with thoughts, beliefs, and habits that keep you stuck.

35 minutes
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