Freedom Through Mindfulness Program

About this course

In this program you will learn self empowering tools and practices to help you:

• Bring yourself back to a calm and grounded "center" in the midst of challenging emotional triggers such as: stress, fear, anxiety, and self doubt
• Align with your true authentic self and life purpose with the confidence to set boundaries, voice what you want, need, and feel
• Confidently step out of your comfort zone with new things
• Become emotionally competent with self acceptance to be able to handle and process whatever you feel in all you do
• Be present and clear with your inner needs of self love and self care, to support an abundance of creative energy to follow your dreams
• Harness your subconscious minds creative power to support happiness, fulfillment, and success, rather than hinder it
• Use your heart, emotions, and body feelings as an intuitive aid to guide you towards health and abundance
• Understand that being empathic or sensitive is your strength and how to embrace it in every day life

Arne Pedersen
Arne Pedersen
Registered Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)

What you'll learn

This program is not only for the beginner therapist to the seasoned pro to use as a productive structure to better help clients heal through emotional challenges into spiritual transformation, but as well for all individuals who are on a path of self discovery and desire bringing more light to the planet.

It is my personal belief and experience that the more we grow and evolve into becoming a whole person, in alignment with mind/body/spirit of our true light, not only will we experience higher levels of intrinsic happiness and fulfillment, but we'll also be more able to hold that higher vibrational space to support others (including clients) to do the same.

The structure of this program will take you through all the steps, tools, and processes that will support your continued personal and spiritual growth for a lifetime.


Section #1 - MINDFULNESS: 
Our starting foundation is learning to be present and aware with what's occurring on all levels, because if we are not aware of the bigger picture, then how can we create healthier subconscious programs and take conscious actions to support our goals? 

Section #2 - TRUTH: 
To make conscious changes, we need to clearly see and understand how our automatic subconscious programs and belief systems can steer our emotions and behaviours in unhealthy ways. This will help us see just how much we automatically arrange our lives around old fears, and open new empowering directions with how to change that. 

Section #3 - FEELING: 
Learning to feel, accept, and fully experience our body sensations is the key to processing our emotions as they happen. This will slowly release stuck unresolved energies and emotions from the past that have been holding us back, and free us to become emotionally competent in all we do. As we move through this process we will be strengthening confidence and building self acceptance.

Section #4 - SELF DISCIPLINE: 
If we want our lives to change we have to be willing to change. Stepping out of our comfort zone into new experiences can be really scary and bring up challenging feelings and emotions. Navigating through this will take willingness, clear direction, mindful tools, faith, and healthy self-discipline that will maintain successful follow-through.

It is surprising how much the way we express ourselves can unknowingly support the continuation of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, stress, and unsupportive subconscious programs that make us doubt and feel bad about ourselves. Once we learn to align our actions and emotional expression with our intentions then these old programs will begin to fall away.

There are bound to be setbacks along the way, and this section addresses them in simple ways, while also bridging everything in the program together to keep the flow of progress going.

What is included:
• 20 videos (Approx 6 hours of video time in total)
• 13 lesson/Tutorial videos
• 6  guided meditations
• 1  Hypnosis session to integrate the program into your long term memory, and to help let go of anxiety and stress
• Printable PDFs
• Summary of each section
• Worksheets
• Workbook (approx 69 page)

6 hours
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