Self Healing Chronic Pain

About this course

Are you trying to resolve chronic pain or a body issue with no results?

Through my training to become a hypnotherapist over a decade ago, I was surprised to learn just how much our subconscious mind can limit the ability for our body to heal and maintain balance with our emotions and sense of self-worth/confidence. 

Through my personal journey of healing through more than a decade of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms and joint inflammation, I became very motivated to understand why my body was having these issues and how I could change that!

 It was hypnotherapy, energy Healing, and meditation/mindfulness practices that helped me heal, which is why I trained in those modalities. Over the years as a therapist helping others heal, combined with my personal experience, I realized that healing doesn't have to take as long as it took me. This inspired me to create this program so I can share the wisdom Ive learned as a therapist and in my personal healing journey over the years.

Arne Pedersen
Arne Pedersen
Registered Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)

What you'll learn

This program will empower you with a simple scientific understanding of the subconscious mind, mindfulness and energy healing tools that will help your body/mind/spirit to re-align with its natural state of homeostasis, health and harmony. 

Here are some common physical/emotional problems I can quickly think of that many people are struggling with:
- Joint Pain
- Cancer
- Inflammation
- Digestive issues
- Skin issues
- Migraines
- Chronic pain
- TMJ 
- Fibromyalgia
- Hormonal Imbalances
- Anxiety/panic attacks/depression

What kinds of body issues are you experiencing?
What are you doing to support healing them?
Are you happy with the results you are getting?
I encourage you to purchase this Self-Empowering program to learn new tools and perspectives on how to support your body to heal.


Here are the 3 sections in this Program:
- Understanding the problem: How can we get stuck in non healing? 
- Stopping the problem: Turn off the blocks that inhibit natural healing
- Understanding the solution: Turn on growth/regeneration/healing state

Included are:
- 7 videos (approx. 2.25 hr total video time) 
- 2 Printable PDF Worksheets 
- Approx. 25 min Guided Self Energy Healing Visualization to expand your minds creative ability to better support your body to heal

If you feel in your heart that this resonates with you, give the gift of self love and self care to yourself and purchase this program now. I believe you will be very happy you did so! 

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