Intuitive Mastery For Empaths & Healers

About this course

Whether it be with your clients if you are an entrepreneur, with your boss, your coworkers, in your home life, or with your friends, if you easily get affected and drained by negative energy, then this program is for you. It will support loving intuitive connections, confidence, and divine guidance that will significantly benefit you in all areas of your life! 

I believe this program will offer you far more in use/worth value beyond the cost than I can articulate with words, as the simple tools, system and understanding will benefit you for a lifetime!

Arne Pedersen
Arne Pedersen
Registered Certified Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH)

What you'll learn

This video program focuses on several areas: 
- A scientific perspective on how we get emotionally and energetically drained and adversely effected by our clients and life situations, and how we can use this knowledge as power to support instead of limit us.
- A simple A, B, C, formula on what we can do before, during, and after interactions with clients, professional meetings, family, or social situations, to keep our energy and emotions healthy and strong

It will help you learn:
- How to keep others energy from negatively effecting you
- How do negative energy drains happen?

- How your subconscious belief systems can e
ther support or limit your success and happiness
- How to fill your energy back up if you are feeling drained
- How to monitor and balance your energy throughout the day
- How to set your personal stuff aside for the work day to be more focused and professional
- How to keep healthy energy boundaries in all your relationships
- How to intuitively/energetically connect to your clients, coworkers, and family/friends to support flow and harmony
- How to change the energy in your home and work environment to have a harmonious flow
- How to be in meetings or groups of people with more confidence, flow, and creativity
- How to use the power of your mind to create positive outcomes using energy intentions and visualizations
- How to set work aside when it's done, so you don't bring it's energy home with you

This program includes:
- 10 videos (approx 1 3/4 hrs total)
- A helpful 3 page PDF print-off

1 3/4h
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