Balance Your Life

About this course

Do you have stress in your life?

Would you like to learn how to stop stress from happening, in the moment?

Would you like to learn how to create resilience and move from reacting to responding?

Have you thought about what you want in your life?

About what you would like to experience or achieve?

Do you have a process for doing this?

Does it take how the brain works to increase the effectiveness?

The Balance Your Life program is a three-part series that address these concerns.

Part 1 – Stress – provides easy-to-use, effective techniques that can be used in-the-moment to dramatically reduce the stress response. These techniques are both easy and powerful.

Part 2 – Build Resilience – shows you how to build a daily practice that will change your response to stressors and reduce your reactivity over time.

Part 3 – Create with Intention – walks you through a process to develop strong intentions and guides you on the path to achieve them.

Whether you use these tools for yourself or use them for your clients, this program is chock full of easy-to-use and effective techniques.

Christine Kelly
Christine Kelly
Speaker, Mentor, Coach
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What you'll learn

- How your brain reacts to stress

- How to use the way your brain naturally works to break stress in the moment.

- A variety of effective tools that you can choose from to change your life.

- Techniques that can be used as daily practices to change how you react to stress.

- Tools and techniques that can change your overall outlook.

- How to set goals and intentions that light up your brain to be better able to achieve them

- Learn a process to reach your intention that uses your neurology and visualization to drive your intention forward.

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