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Every 13 seconds there is a divorce in America so when will you, a loved one, a friend, or a client go through a divorce???  Our Divorce Coaching class teaches you how to coach others through the divorce process.   This class is a result of my ten years of divorce coaching and all the learning experiences that I encountered.  This training is designed to help the divorcing person to save money, time, and energy.  The class also introduces the concepts of making FFIRE and the "Big Nine" items that shows up in nearly every divorce. This course is also an excellent introduction into the legal world of civil law.  The goal of all of our training is to "Learn Today and Apply Today".

Danny Snow
Danny Snow
Trial Consultant & Hypnotist
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What you'll learn

The course is broken down into nine modules covering; Introduction to Divorce Coaching, The FFIRE Protocol, Building FFIRE with Your Client and the Big Nine, Divorce Situations, Selling Your Divorce Coaching Services, Prepping Your Client for Court, Getting Started as a Divorce Coach and finally module 9 or the Webinar Section of Putting It All Together.  In all 76 mini-modules with over 8 hours of learning.

8h 18m
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