The Energy Based Practice

About this course

The Energy Based Practice Course course is aimed at those who wish to expand their therapy practice by utilising the techniques of Energy Hygiene and Energy Management or for those that wish to learn the techniques for themselves. This course gives you all the tools for using Energy Hygiene and Energy Management for beneficial change personally and professionally. The course is a combination of video, PDFs and audio.

Our easy to learn course includes:
· Understand how you can use energy to enhance your practice.
· Learn how to read your own energy
· Learn how to sense energy in your therapy room
· Understand how clients' energy can affect the outcome of their therapy
· How to deal with ill wishing, psychic attack, spirit attachments
· Hypno-Visualisations to clear and protect your energy
· Be an empathetic therapist without being drained by some clients
· How to raise your vibration to be the best therapist you can be

Jan Haldane
Jan Haldane
Master Hypnotherapist & Coach
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What you'll learn

- Raise your vibe to grow your practice.
- Attract the clients who are right for you and become your raving fans.
- Self hypnosis/visualisation scripts that can also be used with clients, meaning you instantly add value to a session or program.
- Recognise when your energy field is compromised and know what to do about it quickly and easily
- Recognise energy issues in your clients and know what to do about them, creating a great client outcome and enhancing your reputation as a powerful practitioner.
- Downloadable mp3s of all the scripts

This course is fully accredited by the World Metaphysical Association.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
It is equally effective for a new therapist or someone with many years experience.
Utilise the powerful hypno-visualisations to enhance your energy and that of your practice and clients!

1h 24m
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