Hypnorescue: Reclaim Your Life after Narcissistic Abuse

About this course

This in depth course for therapists gives you the tools to work through a step by step 7 week program to access the client’s subconscious mind for effective permanent changes.

This is done via hypno-visualisations to remove negative programming and its resultant toxic shame and create beneficial change in their lives by programming in positive lasting changes, renewed self-belief and a clear plan for a bright future. Each week features a coaching tool for a client to work on at home to consolidate their learnings from each session.

How to help clients recovering from Narcissistic Abuse reclaim their lives

How to use the survivor's stories provided in this course to help clients feel less alone

How to remove toxic shame from clients

How to help clients identify narcissists in their life

How to help clients identify Red Flags in relationships

How to help clients feel in control of their life again

How to create SMART goals with clients

Certification course accredited by CTAA

Jan Haldane
Jan Haldane
Master Hypnotherapist & Coach
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What you'll learn

WEEK ONE Intake and introduction to eBook COACHING TOOL The Wheel of Life  SCRIPT  The Healing Pool TAKE HOME TASK Narcissists In Your Life

WEEK TWO  The Start (Chapter 1) Discuss last week's Narcissists in your Life worksheet  SCRIPT It Was Just A Lesson TAKE HOME TASK Red Flags exercise

WEEK THREE The Takeover (Chapter 2) COACHING TOOL Discuss last week's Red Flags exercise SCRIPT Meet Your Inner Child TAKE HOME TASK Tolerations worksheet

WEEK FOUR The Control Room (Chapter 3) COACHING TOOL Discuss last week's Tolerations worksheet SCRIPT Soul Retrieval TAKE HOME TASK Locus of Control exercise

WEEK FIVE Jekyll & Hyde (Chapter 4) COACHING TOOL Discuss last week's Locus of Control exercise SCRIPT Finding the Real Me TAKE HOME TASK The Real Me - Fact v Fiction

WEEK SIX The Awakening (Chapter 5) COACHING TOOL Discuss last week's The Real Me - Fact v Fiction task SCRIPT Meet Your Future Self TAKE HOME TASK The Bucket List

WEEK SEVEN Journey Back to Self (Chapter 6) COACHING TOOL Discuss last weeks Bucket List task SCRIPT Reclaim Your Life TAKE HOME TASK Goal setting - Revisit The Wheel of Life during session.

1h 10m
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