5 Techniques for Stepping Up Your Self Love Game

About this course

Our level of self love is vitally important. If we lack self love, every other area of our life will suffer; we may feel like we don't deserve happiness, health or wealth and, therefore, not go after what we really want. Our lack of self love can effect relationships, our self talk, even our physical health!

In this course, made of of 6 animated videos, we will be looking at why our self love suffers and I will be giving you 5 strategies that you can use to increase your level of self love, thereby, enhancing all of the other areas of your life as well!

Each of the techniques that I give you comes with a Hypnotherapy recording that contains exercises to help you integrate the concepts discussed in the course and see changes happening much more quickly.

Are you ready to start a love affair with yourself? If so, this course is for you!
This program is also great for practitioners who want to help clients with self compassion, self acceptance and greater self love.

Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell
Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist
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What you'll learn

By the end of the course you will know:
- Why our self love begins to suffer
- The importance of self love
- How to examine negative messages given to you by other people so that they no longer limit or inhibit you
- How to develop self compassion and come to a place of self forgiveness for experiences you wish you had handled differently
- How to make use of neural plasticity to develop neural pathways for self love and self acceptance
- How to intentionally program your own subconscious mind for more self love
- How to recognize how you experience love and then use that knowledge to increase your self love

33 minutes
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