Awaken Your Purpose and Learn to Read Oracle Cards

About this course

Do you hear voices, get signs all the time and wonder if that a message from above or just your mind playing tricks on you?

Do you get signs, feathers, constant numbers appearing or hear the same song on the radio?

Do you want to read oracle cards online, work with angels, your guides and spirit?

Do you want help to you develop your skills just as I have?

Do you want to be more confident in working with spirit?

Do you want to trust your guidance when working with oracle cards?

Do you want to know how to have a high vibration?

Do you want to complete in your purpose and shift that niggling gut ache?

Sometimes we do not know, and I can teach you how to open that up and learn to trust your intuitive spiritual connection. I believe we all have a purpose and some want to awaken spiritually and heal others.

I will give you the ability to help you tune into spirit, the angels and learning to read oracle cards for yourself and others. And mostly awaken your purpose to work with spirit.

Ness Tomlinson
Ness Tomlinson
Angelicness Therapies Founder and Director
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What you'll learn

Welcome to the start of an amazing journey. Spirit has guided you here for a reason and to awaken to your purpose.

So what will we be doing?

There will be meditation, I shall introduce you to your guardian angels, the archangels, reading oracle and angel cards, using cleansing tools, putting in boundaries, clearing curses and cords, understanding chakras, and how to communicate with spirit. Also teaching you which is your strongest psychic sense.

By learning to work with angels, I believe connecting to them and spirit gives me the lasting completeness of knowing I am looked after and guided along my light working journey.

What do you need to start?
Your own oracle or angel cards, (not tarot), always bring pen and paper if you wish to take notes, your cleansing tools (sage, palo santo, candles or essential oils) and having lots of water. When completing the meditations, I ask that you do this in a quiet peaceful space so you want have any interruptions. Please be aware that the meditation is the most crucial part of your awakening. And there will be home play (work) and feedback forms to complete and send through to me asap to gain the certification on the course. I will add you to the group to match you up with people to do readings on as well.

Please email me at with your payment receipt to confirm your space in the group after payment. Also once you have completed all the home play and feedback forms please email me when you are complete complete in the course and watched all the videos and meditations.

It will be a lot of fun. Look forward to having you be a part of the this amazing workshop.

Yes, I will present you with a certificate at the end, once you have completed it.

Please email me if you need extra support.

8 hours
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