Delete your weight, Reset your life!

About this course

What is the real reason why you struggle to lose weight?

Sick and tired of the judgement and hurt?

Are you ready to let it go?

International Delete Reset practitioners, Chantal Rochecouste and Ruth Hibburt present this exclusive transformational program just for therapists and practitioners at HypnoBiz.

This program is designed for anyone wanting to release past hurts, negative emotions, trauma and events that have been anchoring them down to hold onto excess or unwanted weight.

‘Delete your weight, Reset your life!’ is a uniquely designed 6 week program that uses hypnosis, NLP and energetic healing to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that weight loss is permanent, natural and easy.

Participants have the option to do the program live or at their own pace with the pre-recorded videos.

Why is our program so different?

You are not just a number in our program; you are part of our family and special community for 12 months, therefore you get continued support on your journey.

With strictly less than 15 participants per group you receive the highest quality healing; Chantal and Ruth, even do the program with you. This is so much MORE than just a weight loss program.

Co-presenter: Chantal Rochecouste

Chantal Rochecouste is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and spiritual worker (psychic medium) that is certified as a family therapist and international Delete Reset practitioner. Chantal’s mission is for people to empower themselves and get their sexy back.

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Ruth Hibburt
Ruth Hibburt
Teacher, Author and Hypnotherapist

What you'll learn

‘Delete your weight, Reset your life!’ works 5 dimensions at once on:

The Conscious Level
The Unconscious Level
The Energy Level
The Soul Level
Cellular Level

This results in permanent change and heals your past present and future self.

Session 1 - Understanding the mind

This session is all about understanding the conscious and unconscious mind. Learning important information using the world’s best NLP and hypnosis techniques helps to gain a better understanding of how we became the person we are today and how we think.

We also make a committed decision for ourselves and deep dive into mindsets; namely how to get out of victim mode when it comes to the problem of weight.

Session 2 - Farewell fat

This session is all about understanding what limiting beliefs we have and removing them. Limiting beliefs can hold us back from so much; so today is all about removing them!
In this session we also do an amazing process called the F**k You letter!

This is a fantastic way to get rid of anger and frustration we have been holding onto. This session will require you to burn some paper, so please do so in a safe manner. If you are unable to burn it, please rip it into small pieces and flush it down the toilet. DO NOT just place it in the rubbish bin.

Session 3 - Forgiveness release

Understanding that forgiveness is all about YOU and how important it is in order for you to move forward and thrive.

Holding onto anger/hurt/frustration blocks us from achieving things we want. This session will require you to burn some paper, so please do so in a safe manner. If you are unable to burn it, please rip it into small pieces and flush it down the toilet. DO NOT just place it in the rubbish bin.

Session 4 - Inner child healing

In this session you get to go back and give yourself the love, support, comfort and strength you needed as a child. Research has found most people are carrying emotional pain and trauma stemming from childhood. Allowing yourself the deep healing, you needed as a child is life changing in terms of release for weight loss.

Session 5 - Delete Reset by Emma Romano

This is a very deep and profound process, so please make sure you have nothing to do after the process is complete as you will need to rest up. Set your intention for what you want to release NOW!

Remember this is the process Chantal used to get rid of her Fibromyalgia after a long painful 12-year battle. This process also has proven success to delete drug and alcohol addiction.


Playing full out in this process will allow for massive immediate changes!!

Session 6 - Succeeding forward

This session allows for some more tips and tools to use on your journey. Now you can safely and effectively succeed forward and create the life you want- the life that you truly deserve!

Remember as you are a graduate from this program you will continued to get support via our private Facebook group and invited to join regular online catch ups. We highly recommend you stay connected and in touch over the next 12 months and celebrate all wins!

12 hours
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